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Dr. Kannan Narayanan

Personal Information:

First name:            Narayanan
Family name:        Kannan
Contact Address: South Sea Institute, Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute, 391 Jangmok-Ri, Jangmok-Myon, Geoje-shi 656830, Kyungnam, Republic of Korea
Telephone:            +82 55 639 8675; 8832 

Date of birth:        07.11.1952
Nationality:           German
Place of Birth:     Thirupuvanam, India. 
Gender:                Male

1973-1975    M.Sc. (Master of Science) - Biology- and Chemistry
                       American College, Madurai, India
1977-1984    Ph.D (Biochemistry/Environmental Chemistry)
                       Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, India
1985-1988    Ph.D Ecotoxicology
                       Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan

Summary of Professional skills - expertise

16 years of professional scientific training, management skills, written documentation of scientific work, appearance in mass media, International Co-ordination of projects in India, Japan, Germany, USA., wide travel around the world on business, team leader, trained people professionally, addressed international conferences, diplomatic negotiation ability, familiar with Mac OS, Windows, Java Scripting, ASP, HTML, DHTML, Internet software und Protocol (TCP/IP, FTP), Microsoft office, Adobe products, statistical packages, Chairman International Forum for Information Technology in Tamil (INFITT)-Europe; Excellent knowledge in English, German and ability in Japanese.


Establishment of a laboratory managing two technicians, 6 Ph.D students, conducted workshops for College Professors, M.Phil students. Consultant to several International Pesticide Manufacturers including Bayer (India) and ICI (India). Written grant proposals and Scientific papers, addressed press conferences and public meetings, conducted radio programmes.


Visiting National Institute for Resource and Environment (NIRE), Tsukuba, Japan for negotiating scientific collaboration between Japan and Germany. 


On an invitation from Europian Commission, Brussels, evaluated the research proposals submitted for grants in MArine Science and Technology (MAST)


Represented BMBF (German Ministry for Science & Technology) in Koeln for German/Japanese Research Initiative

1989 - 1999 

Regular consultant for International Scientific Publishers such as. American Chemical Society (USA), Elsevier (Netherlands), Springer (Germany)-Peer Reviewed number of technical papers

2000 - present 

Visiting Professor - Madurai Kamaraj University, Lady Doak College, Madurai, India. Involved in projects related to digitization of ancient scientific manuscripts in India in co-ordination with National Libraries of Singapore, Malaysia and India. 

Visiting Professor, Korea Ocean Research and Development Insitute, Seoul, South Korea.

Summary of relevant work experience

1977-1984      Senior Research Fellow, Bayer (India) 
Dept. of Biochemistry, Madurai Kamaraj University, Research, Madurai, India.  Establishment and running a Pesticide Residue Laboratory with a team of 10 people.

1985-1988       Mambusho (Japanese Ministry of Education) Fellow
Ehime University, Research on Ecotoxicology, Matsuyama, Japan, Published several scientific papers and pioneered research on coplanar PCBs and their environmental impact. 

1989-1993       Scientist, Dept. of Marine Chemistry, Institute of Marine Sciences, Research on Marine  Environmental Conservation, University of Kiel, Germany, initiated German-Dutch-Japanese joint venture on method development. 

1993-1999       C1 Professor (Associate level), Dept. of Marine Chemistry
Conducted research cruises on world seas, trained Diploma and Ph.D students in the field 
of Marine Environmental Conservation, Institute of Marine Sciences, Kiel, Germany, 
initiated German-Japanese collaboration on research, participated in European Commissions  programmes, published and edited research papers, books. 

1999-2002      Director, Tamil Heritage Foundation, Boeblingen, Germany.

2003 -             Visiting Professor, Korea Ocean Research and Development Insitute, Seoul, South Korea.

Computer Knowledge

Mac OS and Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 WINNT and UNIX
Standard Office Software including Microsoft office product (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, outlook etc) Scientific Graphics, Statistics software
Internet software und Protocol (TCP/IP, FTP) Trained in internet and e-commerce software such as HTML, DHTML, ASP, JAVA Script


Tamil - mother tongue
English - second mother tongue
Deutsch (German) - fluency in speaking and writing
Japanese - basic speaking ability


Internet savvy, pioneer in Tamil computing, cyber community builder, creative writing in Tamil - poetry, fiction and non-fiction, regular contributor-columnist in Tamil magazines (India and Europe).